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​Over the years, I've written a variety of content saved in various forms and in various places that is probably many years away from being reformatted and edited in the way needed for incorporation into the blog proper. So I thought I'd provide some of that here so it would at least be available. Enjoy!

Personal Evangelism

These articles are chapters from a workbook for a brief course on Personal Evangelism that I occasionally teach. They have a focus on understanding what the gospel is before seeking to communicate it. Feel free to use. 
Personal Evangelism Workbook Session 1
Personal Evangelism Workbook - Session 2
Personal Evangelism Workbook - Session 3
Personal Evangelism Workbook - Session 4

Review Of "A More Sure Word"

This is a review of the book, "A More Sure Word," by R. B. Ouellette. The book was required reading when I was in grad school, and has become a kind of "standard" treatment of the KJVO issue in some circles. I evaluate its treatment of the sources and its basic argument here.
A Review Of R. B. Ouellette's "A More Sure Word"

Review Of The HBBC Statement On Scripture

This ​​​​​​​​​​​​very long article is a detailed examination of the doctrinal statement on the KJV and the MT and the TR from my alma mater, Heartland Baptist Bible College. I explain why no one, regadless of what their position is, should sign that statement. 
An Evaluation Of The Position Of HBBC On The TR And KJV

Sermon Outlines

These are brief sermon outlines/lesson outlines from the few occasions where I have written out what I've preached. 
Col. 1:24-2:5 - Have You Met My Friend Paul?
The World
I Tim. 2:1-7 - Prayers Without Prejudice
God's Self-Existance
Ephesians 4:17-32
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery - Teens
Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness
Funeral Sermon
Genesis 22
I Pet. 4:12-19 - Trusting a Faithful Father in the Face of Fiery Trials 
The Devil
Hebrews 12
Towards a Theology of Guidance
I Pet. 2:13-25 - Gospel-Shaped Submission and Suffering
The Flesh
Pretend Thesis
I Pet. 4:1-11 - Reflecting the Gospel in the World and the Church
Slavery in the NT - An Appendix on Difficulties


I'll put some media here as I produce it and some very old sermons (that I probably wouldn't preach exactly like this again - I hope I have grown some since then). Perhaps some of it can be a help. 
The Book Of Esther and The Feast of Purim
King Nebuchadnezzar And The Illusion of Chance
Zechariah 4 - God's Message To His Discouraged Servant
Modern False Teachers
I Pet. 2:13-25 - Gospel-Shaped Submission and Suffering
I Pet. 4:1-11 - Reflecting the Gospel in the World and the Church
Trusting a Faithful Father in The Face of Fiery Trials - I Pet. 4:12-19 (Starts at 2 min mark)

The Doctrine Of Preservation In The Bible

These articles take up some of the major passages often adduced as the basis for the doctrine of preservation. A detailed exegesis of each passage is done so that the passage can be read well in its context. 
Matt. 4:4 And The Doctrine Of Preservation
Matt. 5:17-20 And The Doctrine Of Preservation
Matt. 24:35 And The Doctrine Of Preservation

Textual Essays

These essays/brief notes, take up a variety of textual variants. That is, they take up some of the places where the Greek text behind the KJV is different from the Greek text behind a translation like the ESV. Most of them deal with passages where it becomes clear that arguments about the KJV that invoke "the majorty of manuscripts" or "the majority text" are generally dishonest. Others take up passages where a question was asked of me and I wrote a brief response. 
Rev. 1:8 And The Recieved Text
Acts 9:5-6 In The KJV
Acts 8:37 In The KJV
Matt. 5:44 In The KJV
Matt. 6:13 - The Lord's Prayer In The KJV
Mark 1:2 - Isaiah or The Prophets?
I John 5:7 In The KJV - The Full Essay
I John 5:7 In The KJV - A Condensed Version
External Evidence Chart - I John 5:7
I John 5:7 In The KJV - A Brief Summary

History Of The KJV/Misc. KJV Content 

This is a brief examination of the claim sometimes made that F. H. A. Scrivener or Dean John Burgon supported the TR.
This is a brief examination of the Hebrew Text that stands behind the KJV OT
Scrivener And Burgon Vs. The KJV
A Brief Note On The KJV OT
This is a detailed examination of the structure, content, and purpose, of the preface to the original 1611 KJV. 
A Neglected Exposition Of The KJV Preface "The Translators To The Reader"
This is a brief treatment of the history of the KJV from the sense in which it is a revision of previous translations. 
The KJV New Testament As A Revision
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